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Conversations with subject matter experts, journalists, individuals in recovery, practitioners, educators, and others with a direct connection to the field of addiction recovery.

Paul Alves and Alex Fidalgo, both of who are in long term recovery as well as accomplished recovery coaches, discuss the importance of gratitude in a full life. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

"Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude." - A.A. Milne

A discussion with Hope Payson, LCSW, producer of the documentary "Uprooting Addiction" about the film and trauma's role in substance use disorders. The film is a work of passion for Hope, who has been helping individuals recover from trauma for most of her career. As she is a long-time colleague of mine, I am especially proud of her efforts.

USAR Captain and CCB Board Member Lisa Moon, and Colonel Kevin Brown (U.S. Army - Retired) discuss the challenges that face those who have served our nation often face when re-entering American society. Join us for an eye-opening experience that is sure to evoke a desire to learn more.

A discussion with Kapil Nayar, LPC on the interpretation of a study that reviews the efficacy of AA and Twelve Step Facilitation, and why it is important to take a critical look at research and conventional wisdom.

A discussion with the award-winning and internationally recognized naturopathic physician Dr. Jaquel Patterson. Dr. Patterson is an educator, author, health care administrator and entrepreneur. She joins us to talk about holistic approaches that aid in recovery.

An interview with Pete Nielsen, Publisher of Counselor Magazine (Sacramento, CA) about the history and content of the publication and its value to the industry. Subscription information included.

A discussion with Lisa Coates, LCSW on suicide prevention. Special thanks to Bristol Health and the Bristol Health Counseling Center for granting Lisa the opportunity to talk with us.

We continue our discussion with Dr. Fred Dombrowski, this week talking about effective treatment environments for the transgender community.

A discussion with Dr. Fred Dombrowski from the University of Bridgeport, an expert in treating Transgender individuals to provide an understanding for listeners on the uniqueness of the community.

In this, our last of 3 discussions with Tenesha Grant, MS on the unique needs of women in treatment and recovery, we talk about the added stigma faced by women when they choose to enter the treatment system.

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