Scope of Practice

Conversations with subject matter experts, journalists, individuals in recovery, practitioners, educators, and others with a direct connection to the field of addiction recovery.

Donald McDonald joins the show as a follow up to his session at the Addiction Professionals of North Carolina Spring Conference where he presented "Identifying & Exploring Recovery Pathway Bias in the Lived Experience Workforce." Join us as we look at the role of bias throughout the entire workforce.

Dr. Carol Falender of Pepperdine University and UCLA, co-author/editor of numerous textbooks and other publications on clinical supervision joins the program. Dr. Falender is one of the foremost experts on the topic in the industry, and shares some of her insights into the process and future of clinical supervision.

Award winning and New York Times bestselling author Koren Zailckas (Smashed, Mother Mother, Fury, The Drama Teacher" joins us to talk about the power of the written word in self-discovery. She talks about the clarity that writing has brought to her recovery process and how different forms of writing come from different places in the mind, body, and soul.

As the treatment and recovery aspects of our industry increase collaboration with shared goals, language and clarity about each other's roles, prevention is often left out of the conversation and is often misunderstood. Jane G. Clark, and expert in linking prevention efforts to other aspects of the industry, joins us to talk about developing strong relationships between all SUD/COD professionals.

Kaitlin Brown of the Connecticut Council on Problem Gambling joins the podcast to talk about risk factors for Gambling Disorder and about the impact on online gambling sites and advertising on the community. Kaitlin was recently the subject of an article that outlined her work on the gambling hotline. The article is available at

We speak with St. Leo University Doctoral Candidate John Watts about some of the roots of systemic oppression and its effects on the treatment of substance use disorders for Americans of color.

We talk with Dr. Kimberly Boulden, Senior Director of SAFE Campuses at the SAFE Project, a national nonprofit whose vision is to support action that will prevent fatal drug overdoses, and to otherwise mitigate substance use disorder’s impact on our society.

We talk with subject matter expert Brittany Hunt on the intersection of sexual violence and substance use disorders, including some guidance on approaches and language that will create a more receptive environment to survivors. Must-have information for all SUD professionals.

We speak with Andrew Kessler, JD about federal legislation and policy updates affecting the SUD prevention, treatment, and recovery industry during the year that is coming to an end shortly.

We talk with Aaron Williams, Senior Advisor at the National Council for Mental Wellbeing about developing and maintaining a workforce ready to meet the new challenges we face in the SUD industry. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone with a better grasp on the needs of our workforce than Aaron. Join us! Please visit our sponsor, Cafe Real, to purchase some of their one-of-a-kind coffee, htps:// Use code JEFFQ10 to let them know you heard about it here.

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