Scope of Practice

Conversations with subject matter experts, journalists, individuals in recovery, practitioners, educators, and others with a direct connection to the field of addiction recovery.

Join us as we have a discussion on the lack of outcome data and real change in the SUD treatment industry - sure to be thought provoking, controversial and will challenge the status quo. Dr. Bob Lynn (Washington state) and Timothy Harrington (Los Angeles, CA) hold nothing back in their unambiguous words.

Challenge your views and opinions, and let your thoughts be provoked...

AMRAP: A common Crossfit acronym that stands for "As Many Reps A Possible", but with the social connection and support, the sense of belonging, the shared goals of the community it could be argued that it can mean something different to the SUD recovery community: "A Modern Recovery Assisting Pathway."

Join us for a lively discussion with Dr. Meg Patterson from the Texas A&M Health and Kinesiology department as she talks about what she has uncovered about the healing power of the Crossfit community.

We discuss the overall need and importance for advanced training on the graduate level for substance use disorder clinical providers, with Western Connecticut State University Psychology Professor Dr. Shane Murphy. He also shares with us some of his work and leadership as a sports psychologist with both the American Psychological Association and the US Olympic Committee

The conversation that no one wants to have, but we must have. We speak with protection and active shooter expert Michael Clarke, Founder of The Safer Solution in Los Angeles about preparing for the unthinkable.

A discussion with Tim Walsh, Founder of Adventure Recovery in northwest Connecticut, talks about how adventure based programming with specially trained peers is a great way to develop an additional trail in building recovery supports and capital.

Join us as Kathy Moser, founder of Music For Recovery, sits down and discusses how songwriting can help develop recovery skills and provides practical examples of her work. We feature some of Kathy's work and the compelling stories of the group process as each song is created by those individuals in recovery.

We talk with Kathy Moser, founder of Music for Recovery in New Jersey, who talks about how music helps instill a sense of group cohesion and hope for those in recovery from a substance use disorder.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Mountainside Treatment Center, we speak with Tom Baier, MHS, a behavioral health consultant, CARF reviewer, and Drexel University professor with over 30 years experience as a clinician, clinical supervisor and administrator. He joins us to discuss one of his areas of expertise, and most misunderstood topics in the SUD/COD treatment industry, countertransference.

A discussion on the issues with the criminal justice system in America and the work of Dream Corps Justice to make meaningful change. Our guest, Louis Reed, spent 14 years in federal prison and now works as Director of Organizing Partnerships for Dream Corps Justice, founded by journalist Van Jones (formerly of CNN).


We discuss the recently published research article "Financial Capability in Addiction Research and Clinical Practice" with the authors, Dr. Hinckley Jones-Sanpei (University of Denver) and Richard Nance (Utah Valley University), and about its practical application for clinical and non-clinical providers.

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